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    25 Products That Sound Too Good To Be True, But Actually Work

    Now that's what I'm talkin' about.

    1. A healing face mask that'll refresh your skin using the power of clay. It's known to shrink pores and give your face an overall clearer look. Also, it has 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon Canada!

    2. A mushroom-shaped strainer that'll catch all the hair in your bathtub for easy removal, so you never have experience the gross feeling of showering in a pooling tub again. Plus, it could save you a big plumbing bill down the line.

    3. A soft microfibre towel that'll remove your makeup thoroughly without needing anything but warm water. Yup, NOT EVEN CLEANSER. Now you have no excuse to sleep with your makeup on, because you have a one-step cleansing solution.

    4. A Canadian-made retinol moisturizer that'll increase your skin's cell turnover rate, as well as nourish it with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. It has nearly 2,200 reviews! Reviewers say they've seen a drastic change in their skin's elasticity and they're getting a ton of compliments.

    5. The FOREO Luna Play Plus cleansing tool that uses pulsations to dislodge gunk and makeup from the skin. There's no rubbing or scrubbing involved at all! It's a premium dream every skin care lover wants in their arsenal.

    6. Or a lower cost facial cleansing brush that works just as well! This little owl-shaped tool is rechargeable and waterproof, and will help you keep your skin blemish- and makeup residue-free! Its shape helps cleanse the sides of your nose (Blackhead Town) more efficiently.

    7. Some lemon-scented cleaning putty that’ll get all the dust settled inside your car vents and the crumbs trapped in your keyboard. Once you’re done, just store it back in its container — you don’t even need to wash it.

    8. A stainless steel "soap" bar that'll rid your hands of the odour of garlic, seafood, onions, and other pungent things. Use it wet or dry, and experience hands free of odours that your hand wash just won't eliminate.

    9. A bestselling Diamond Dazzle pen that'll make your precious jewels shine their brightest again. It has a click mechanism and dispenses a polymer that finely polishes gems.

    10. A Revlon volumizing hair dryer that has everyone and their mama raving about it. Its large, oval-shaped barrel allows you to get closer to the scalp, so you can achieve a nice, bouncy lift at the roots.

    11. An at-home teeth whitening kit that will leave your pearlies whiter than ever. Tea, coffee, soda, and wine can stain your teeth, but all you need is a ten-minute treatment to sparkle up your smile again.

    12. Some comfortable shoe insoles that'll fight foot odour and keep your feet fresh and dry. These are especially useful now that that's winter boot time.

    13. Some handy nail repair pens to get rid of any pesky and unsightly toenail fungus, protect your nails, and prevent discolouration. The solution in these strengthens your nails and also inhibits infections in the future!

    14. A battery-operated pedicure tool that'll buff away all the cracked, prickly dead skin from your heels and toes, revealing fresh and soft skin.

    15. Some mouldable glue that's basically a squishy miracle. It can repair your charger cords, shoes, pots — virtually anything. Use it to bond or seal things together. It's waterproof, temperature resistant, and sets to a rubbery, silicone finish overnight.

    16. This Bluetooth eye massager that will diffuse out the pain and strain from your eyes. It uses a combo of hot compress, air pressure, and vibrations to gently melt away the stress.

    17. A corrective brace that'll fix slouching, backaches, and all your posture-related problems. It can help bump up your height, too! Did you know bad posture can take away inches of your height because it compresses your spine?

    18. A cordless water flosser that gently uses water to blast away debris and plaque and uses oxygen bubbles to reduce the growth of oral anaerobic bacteria. You'll fall in love with the feeling of deep-cleaned gums, all without using traditional floss!

    19. An eyelash growth serum that's designed to make your lashes or brows noticeably thicker. Reviewers say they've seen a dramatic difference in just a couple weeks. The best part is you can apply it neatly like you would eyeliner instead of rubbing a serum on your lashes with your fingertips and getting your vision all clouded.

    20. Some bestselling pimple patches that are actually draw out the gunk from your zits. It's super gross but oh-so satisfying.

    21. A makeup remover pen that is like a precision eraser for all your little makeup mistakes. Feathered lipstick, mascara splotches, or wonky eyeliner wings — this magic marker is here to make everything perfect.

    22. A shampooing tool that'll massage your scalp, without breaking your hair at the roots. I personally own and LOVE this product.

    23. An electric pressure washer that's extremely efficient at getting stubborn dirt off stuff and SO DAMN SATISFYING to use. Lawn equipment, garage doors, cars, fences, boards, patio floor boards — it has everything covered.

    24. A natural enzyme-based stain remover that gets rid of all kinds of spots, so you don't have to worry about your clothes, carpet, upholstery, or mattress stains.

    25. And finally, a pack of tablets that'll clean the slime and grime out of any container in minutes. Just fill the container with water, drop the tablet in, let it fizz, and then throw out the water. No scrubbing required!

    When you start using your new stuff:

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