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18 Real Struggles Of Being In A Relationship With Someone You've Only Met Online

Texting level: Over 9000

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Okay, let’s not lie. Most of us have, at some point, had a relationship with someone on the internet.

And it comes with some very special joys and struggles.

1. When you were deciding to give this relationship a chance, your brain was like:

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2. But you gave it a go because your heart was like:

3. There's texting in normal relationships and there's texting level over 9000, exclusively for people who are committed to someone online.

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Your phone having juice > everything.


4. It’s very hard to tell people about how you “met” but any friends you do tell, start making fun of you.

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5. And well, you've given them a few things to be pissed about too, TBH.

Can't help it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Eros Int'l / Via BuzzFeed India

Can't help it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6. If things get kinda serious, telling your family is at least 1000x the challenge it is for people dating normally.

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7. Your entire life is basically exchanging selfies and video calls.


8. And sometimes you do more than just talk on video calls, ahem.

9. When they compliment your photos, you’re elated but also scared because they haven’t seen you IRL.

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10. In fact, you’ve even lied a few times, saying you’re busy because you looked too crap for cam.

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11. You can daydream enough to direct a whole movie professionally.

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In your head.


12. When your friends tell you all about the fun things they do with their partner, you’re so happy for them you could jump off a cliff.

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13. In fact, seeing happy couples anywhere is a SERIOUS struggle.

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*Fights conflicting feelings of being full of fuzzies but also anger and helplessness*

14. Several times a day, the realisation that you can't hug or kiss them hits you pretty bad.

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15. Fights are much harder to deal with because words are all you have to make up.

Nope, you can't just hug it out, or meet them. You have to call them and talk it out.


16. And sometimes, even regret creeps in because you're fucking miserable without them.

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17. But you know it's all worth it because you're the closest to them, even if not geographically.

18. Besides, you don't always have to groom yourself and dress up to meet them. 💃

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