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    This Indian Holy Man Talking About His Cannibalism Will Give You Goosebumps

    "Whatever is left of the dead, we Aghoris consume."

    The Aghori Sadhus of India are a small sect of Hindu holy men who practice asceticism. But one practice truly sets them apart from other Hindu sects...

    Sortedd / Via Facebook: GetSortedd

    Social entertainment channel Sortedd made a video of one such Sadhu talking about their tabooed practice: cannibalism.

    Sortedd / Via Facebook: GetSortedd

    Condemnation from other Hindu sects has led most Aghori Sadhus to be restricted to living in the Northern hills of India and in Varanasi.

    Sortedd / Via Facebook: GetSortedd

    Watch the Aghori Sadhu talk about his consumption of human flesh here:

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