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19 Possible Reasons (Other Than Her Period) That A Girl Is Not Fasting In Ramadan

Sometimes we just get sick or hungry. Leave the uterine autumn out of it.

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Some girls skip fasts in Ramadan.

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This is us, before suhoor, between suhoor and maghrib, and after maghrib.

And while sometimes the monthly monster can be the reason for it...

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We have news: It isn't always the reason.

It's awkward for everyone involved when you always assume it's Aunty Flo. Here are some reasons you should stop:

1. Maybe the lass is going on a tiring road trip.


Travelling is hard without snacks. Also, there can only be one kind of 'fast' at a time.

2. Or has a long, exhausting cross-continent flight.

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The luggage is too heavy and the timezones too confusing.

3. She could be sick too.

Mean Girls / Imaan Sheikh


4. Maybe so sick, she barfed earlier that day.

Fuzzy Door Productions / Imaan Sheikh

It's not like she wanted it to happen, trust me.

5. She forgot she's fasting and accidentally ate lunch.

Studio Ghibli / Via

And drank a variety of sodas...accidentally.

6. Dismal self-restraint is also a common reason.

NBC / Via

"Maybe if I beg God for forgiveness later..."

7. She forgot to stuff her face at suhoor.

Warpstar, Inc. / Imaan Sheikh / Via

Imagine fasting without suhoor... *shudders*

8. She took a blood test.


Or donated blood, or got a flu shot. Whatever, we all know what religious scholars say about fasting and syringes.

9. She got injured (not in the uterus).

Paramount Pictures / Via

Even God gave us all the injury pass.

10. Maybe she's preggers.

HBO / Via

"The extra fries are for the baby."

11. Perhaps she has a dentist's appointment.

Via / Imaan Sheikh

There is blood. Let's focus on coming out of the clinic alive first.

12. Or an illness that doesn't allow her to fast.

Do your research before blaming it on Aunt Flo.

Do your research before blaming it on Aunt Flo.

13. And she's on strict special medication.

MGM / Via

14. She has bouts of depression where only food can help.

NBC / Via

15. But she could just be overly attached to snacking.

Passion Distribution / Via


16. Or lazy. Definitely lazy.

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100% lazy.

17. She lives in Scandinavia, where a fast lasts for 23 hours

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Via

What we're trying to say at this point is that the possible reasons are endless.

18. She's simply not religious.

reactiongifs/Imaan Sheikh / Via

Believe it or not, some of us aren't that into it.

19. And lastly, maybe she just doesn't feel like fasting.

Cartoon Network / Via

So stop blaming the uterine autumn right away.

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