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    13 Of The Most Sexist Ads Made In India

    Yup, still a long way to go.

    1. This human "gift" idea.

    2. This ~unisex~ washing machine.

    Lloyd / Via

    So simple, even men can use it.

    3. This freedom of choice.

    4. This utter WTFery.

    Ceylon Today

    5. This manly masculine macho lumberjack shampoo ad.

    Head & Shoulders / Via

    Tagline: "Stop before you stop being a man. Quit using your wife's shampoo. Get the new Head & Shoulders for men!"

    6. This weight loss clinic.

    7. This bleach for your privates, so you can keep your husband.

    8. This disturbing Ford Figo release.

    Ford / JWT India

    The focus of the ad is on the car's big trunk.

    9. This relevant cement ad.

    JK Cement

    10. This ad for men's underwear.

    Amul / Via

    ...Which doesn't feature a single man, but a wife getting preeeetty stimulated washing her husband's underwear.

    11. Literally every ad for men's deodorant.

    Wild Stone
    Wild Stone

    12. This distasteful emergency.

    13. And this "Bridessential" course.

    Please, ad agencies, we can do better than this.

    Rahul Theatre / Via Imaan Sheikh

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