17 Unbelievably Cute Phone Cases You'll Be Able To Make At Home

    All on a budget! 〜(^▽^)〜

    1. Use a clear case to make it look like little ladybirds are crawling up your phone.

    2. Simply put a tattoo on a solid colour case. Seal it with spray.

    3. Create a white marble using a gel pen.

    4. Trace out your phone on paper to create an inlay and frame the rainbow in a clear case.

    5. Capture the galaxy in your phone with this REALLY easy paint job.

    6. Use tape to make a neat, ombre herringbone pattern.

    7. Paint splatters are easy to do, and this one looks amazing.

    8. Cute things up with decorative tape.

    9. Use puffy paint to make this abstract pattern textured case.

    10. Or just use nail varnish and make this trippy tie 'n' dye pattern.

    11. Sweeten up your case with macarons or donuts.

    12. Glue some studs on a clear case and keep changing the background with scrapbook paper.

    13. Use stickers and secure them with clear varnish spray.

    14. Design something or print out your favourite internet image and slip it in a clear case.

    15. Show off your love for a good manicure by using a nail paint bottle as a background image.

    16. Keep your phone fuzzy with some fabric flowers.

    17. Or just use real book-dried flowers! 🍃🌷🌺