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    17 Unbelievably Cute Phone Cases You'll Be Able To Make At Home

    All on a budget! 〜(^▽^)〜

    1. Use a clear case to make it look like little ladybirds are crawling up your phone.

    Ann Le {Anneorshine} / Via

    Clear phone cases cost, like, $1. Seriously, just get a bunch.

    Follow Ann Le {Anneorshine}'s tutorial.

    2. Simply put a tattoo on a solid colour case. Seal it with spray.

    Sea Lemon / Via

    This stegosaurus one is particularly cute. Follow Sea Lemon's tutorial here.

    3. Create a white marble using a gel pen.

    Sea Lemon / Via

    It looks legit. Follow Sea Lemon's tutorial here.

    4. Trace out your phone on paper to create an inlay and frame the rainbow in a clear case.

    Creativity Beyond / Via

    Follow this tutorial by Creativity Beyond.

    5. Capture the galaxy in your phone with this REALLY easy paint job.

    Sea Lemon / Via

    Follow Sea Lemon's tutorial here.

    6. Use tape to make a neat, ombre herringbone pattern.

    Sea Lemon / Via

    Click here to watch Sea Lemon's tutorial.

    7. Paint splatters are easy to do, and this one looks amazing.

    Sci Crafties / Via

    Follow Sci Crafties' tutorial here.

    8. Cute things up with decorative tape.

    Glitterglam95 / Via

    Follow Glitterglam95's tutorial here.

    9. Use puffy paint to make this abstract pattern textured case.

    WhatsUpMoms / Via

    Follow WhatsUpMoms tutorial here.

    10. Or just use nail varnish and make this trippy tie 'n' dye pattern.

    DailyVloggersTV / Via

    To make it, follow DailyVloggersTV's tutorial here.

    11. Sweeten up your case with macarons or donuts.

    LaurDIY / Via

    Check out LaurDIY's tutorial here.

    12. Glue some studs on a clear case and keep changing the background with scrapbook paper.

    Glitterglam95 / Via

    Watch Glitterglam85's tutorial here.

    13. Use stickers and secure them with clear varnish spray.

    Ann Le {Anneorshine} / Via

    Follow Ann Le {Anneorshine}'s tutorial here.

    14. Design something or print out your favourite internet image and slip it in a clear case.

    Sea Lemon / Via

    Follow Sea Lemon's tutorial.

    15. Show off your love for a good manicure by using a nail paint bottle as a background image.

    From Head To Heel / Via

    Follow From Head To Heel's tutorial.

    16. Keep your phone fuzzy with some fabric flowers.

    Ann Le {Anneorshine} / Via

    Follow Ann Le {Anneorshine}'s tutorial here.

    17. Or just use real book-dried flowers! 🍃🌷🌺

    Eich Dubblue / Via

    Watch Eich Dubblue's tutorial to make this.

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