28 Reminders Of The Classic Indian TV Days That Will Rocket You Into The Past

“I love you, love you Disney. Disney HOUR!”

Do you remember when this channel logo changed? If yes, you’ll probably understand all that we’re talking about.

Zee TV / Via youtube.com

Why did they ever get rid of it? It was so pretty; look at the confetti.

1. You remember hearing the title track of Hasratein in your room when mom’s TV time began.

Zee TV / Via youtube.com

This show once had an entire episode about menstruation. Yup.

2. Among dramas mom followed was Amanat, which is probably where the bigass-family-drama-serial trend began.

Zee TV / Via youtube.com

That’s a lot of sisters…

3. But living with a shit-tonne of people never looked as good as Family Number 1 made it looked.

Sony Entertainment / Via youtube.com

4. Star Bestsellers were actually great quality drama serials.

Star Plus / Via youtube.com

Recommending in 2014 again.

5. And you know Banegi Apni Baat is STILL a better representation of the modern youth than most of today’s shows.

DJ’s A Creative Unit / Via youtube.com

6. Speaking of the youth, how can we forget Hip Hip Hurray?

Zee TV / Via youtube.com

Stop acting like you didn’t have a crush on Cyrus or Kiran.

7. Most LOLs were had when Dekh Bhai Dekh was on.

Saraswati Audio Visuals Pvt Ltd / Via youtube.com

If you didn’t know, there’s a YouTube channel which has most of the episodes.

Zee TV / Via youtube.com

You’re welcome.

8. Disney Hour was your favourite hour of the day, unless you also watched the repeat telecast before going to school.

Buena Vista Television

Happiness is a dude in a white T and a checkered overshirt saying “Hello, friends, main hoon apka dost Vishal.”

9. Teer Kaman show kicked ass and deserves a rerun.

Zee TV / Via youtube.com

10. You owe most of your general knowledge to Bournvita Quiz Contest.

Zee TV / Via youtube.com

“Your quizmaster, Derek O’Brien!”

11. You wonder where Filmi Chakkar’s Bunty and Chintu ever went.

Zee TV / Via youtube.com

Prakash and Rukmani became the Sarabhais when they got rich. #suddenclarity

12. Remember when Gudgudee happened?

Zee TV / Via youtube.com

13. Boogie Woogie is still probably the best dance show ever.

Sony Pictures Television International / Via youtube.com

Thanks for starting it all, Jaffrey boys.

14. And the same can be said about Sa Re Ga Ma TVS as far as singing shows go.

Zee TV / Via youtube.com

15. But Antakshari changed our lives forever. Road trip, picnic, wedding, school — you name it. There will be Antakshari.

Zee TV / Via youtube.com

16. Pankaj Kapoor and Satish Kaushik’s exchanges in Philips/Zee Top Ten can never be forgotten.

Zee TV / Via youtube.com

17. Sooo much ‘Dubai’ happened in Dastaan.

Zee TV / Via youtube.com

18. And one does not simply talk about Dastaan without touching on Chattaan.

Zee TV / Via youtube.com

Nightmares are made of Lankesh.

19. It seemed as though Parampara would never end, ever.

Zee TV / Via youtube.com

20. Need anything even be said here?

Balaji Telefilms / Via youtube.com

21. Not many remember this, but Mr Mintoo had mad game.

Zee TV / Via youtube.com

22. You involuntarily remember the words to the title song of Tu Tu Main Main.

Doordarshan / Via youtube.com

23. Chacha Chaudhry = ADVENTURE TIIIME.

Sahara One / Via youtube.com

How could you not sing along? “Cha ch-ch-cha, ch-ch-cha, ch-ch-chaaa.”

24. Speaking of adventure, some of us also looking forward to this historical TV show called Akbar Birbal.

Sagar Pictures / Via youtube.com

25. The original Mano Ya Na Mano was absolutely terrifying.

Balaji Telefilms / Via youtube.com

Thanks for existing, Irrfan Khan.

26. This face from the Zee Horror Show opening sequence haunted your dreams.

Ramsay Brothers Limited / Via youtube.com

For, like, years.

27. Speaking of bizarre opening sequences, there was Aahat.

Fireworks Productions / Via youtube.com

Looking back, this was such a kickass opening.

28. And in case you didn’t plan on sleeping anyway, here’s some Woh.

Zee TV / Via youtube.com

Special mentions:

Margarita, Wah, Kya Scene Hai, Tara, Grihalakshmi Ka Jinn, Jungli Toofan Tyre Puncture, Hum Zameen, Saanp Seedhi, Chota Moo Badi Baat, Baap Re Baap, V3 Plus, Paying Guest, Khana Khazana, Sunday Ke Sunday and Nafrat.

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