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    25 Courage The Cowardly Dog GIFs That Look Exactly Like Your Quarter-Life Crisis

    "The things I do for love..."

    1. Having professional crises on a regular basis.

    2. Having trouble staying on your own two feet.

    3. Suffering from heightened intolerance of little menaces.

    4. Attracting all the people you're least attracted to.

    5. Having doubts about being in love or ever finding love.

    6. Loving your family a lot but still finding excuses to escape them.

    7. But making panicky calls to your parents once in a while.

    8. And finding peace from knowing how excited they always are to hear from you.

    9. Running away from responsibilities.

    10. Having days when you feel like nothing really excites you anymore.

    11. Finding yourself saying "what is wrong with kids these days?" when you're not even that old.

    12. Looking in the mirror and not recognising yourself.

    13. Looking back on all your sartorial phases and not knowing a single thing about your personal style.

    14. Facing uninvited demons of your teenage past.

    15. Missing having actual time to invest into your hobbies.

    16. Realising, with some help from the internet, that most humans are garbage...

    17. But that you somehow found the few good ones and made them your best friends.

    18. Struggling to gain the courage to cut off toxic people in your life who take you for granted and run you over.

    19. Watching the old friends you didn't want to lose drift away for no real reason.

    20. Feeling like your having great ideas is no longer as frequent as it used to be.

    21. Cooking to actually feed yourself and not recreationally.

    22. Eating alone most of the time and not really minding it.

    23. Feeling your hangovers get progressively worse compared to early twenties.

    24. Indulging in weekly ice-cream binge pajama parties.

    25. And slowly, painfully realising that this is who you are, so you may as well enjoy it.