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    21 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Engineering Students

    Spent three hours on a problem aaaaaaaand it's wrong.

    1. This four-year transformation.

    Pic1: First year in Engg. Pic2: Second year in Engg. Pic3: Third year in Engg. Pic4: Final year in Engg.

    2. This beautiful blessing.

    That one girl in engineering batch

    3. This reason for your eye bags.

    4. This heartfelt reply.

    5. This accurate chart.

    6. This concerned warning.

    7. This long-running joke.

    8. This catastrophe.

    9. This truth about uni.

    10. The drink you deserve.

    11. This reminiscent faculty picture.

    12. This career growth.

    13. This engineering fact.

    14. This everyday problem.

    15. These suuuper chill career options.

    16. This frequent occurrence.

    17. This serious consideration.

    18. This second-day surprise.

    19. This distribution of your energy.

    Wish my attitudetowards work was the same as myattitude towards games.I'd bemuchmoreproductive #EngineeringProblems

    20. Childhood problems.

    21. And of course, the purest of all truths.