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21 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Engineering Students

Spent three hours on a problem aaaaaaaand it's wrong.

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1. This four-year transformation.

Pic1: First year in Engg. Pic2: Second year in Engg. Pic3: Third year in Engg. Pic4: Final year in Engg.

2. This beautiful blessing.

That one girl in engineering batch

3. This reason for your eye bags.

4. This heartfelt reply.

Miramax / Via BuzzFeed

5. This accurate chart.

6. This concerned warning.

7. This long-running joke.

8. This catastrophe.

9. This truth about uni.

10. The drink you deserve.

11. This reminiscent faculty picture.

lukparenteau / Via

12. This career growth.

13. This engineering fact.

14. This everyday problem.

Imaan Sheikh / BuzzFeed India

15. These suuuper chill career options.


16. This frequent occurrence.

@engineering_memes / Via Twitter: @JosianneSaid

17. This serious consideration.


18. This second-day surprise.

droethlein / Via

19. This distribution of your energy.

Wish my attitudetowards work was the same as myattitude towards games.I'd bemuchmoreproductive #EngineeringProblems

20. Childhood problems.

21. And of course, the purest of all truths.