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    Posted on 12 Jun 2015

    16 Reasons You Should Drop What You're Doing And Stand Outside While The Sun Sets

    Get off the computer and view the bright, full-screen, HD stuff of nature.

    1. It's a great break from looking at screens all day.

    Thangaraj Kumaravel / Via Flickr: kumaravel

    Valparai, Tamil Nadu.

    2. Fresh air.

    Mrugesh Karnik / Via Flickr: floyd_n_milan

    Mumbai, Maharashtra.

    3. A perfect time to stretch out those stiff muscles.

    Shashank Gupta / Via Flickr: shashankgupta

    Calangute, Goa.

    4. An excuse to get your butt off that uncomfortable office chair.

    scomedia / Via Flickr: scomedia

    Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

    5. A good chance to dispose of the effects of noise indoors.

    ASIM CHAUDHURI / Via Flickr: asianu

    Puri, Odisha.

    6. Perfect little escape for a smoke break.

    Raj / Via Flickr: prince_tigereye

    Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

    7. Some me-time.

    Vinoth Chandar / Via Flickr: vinothchandar

    Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

    8. An opportunity to contemplate.

    Soumyadeep Paul / Via Flickr: soumya_p

    Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

    9. Infinite instagrammable moments.

    Natesh Ramasamy / Via Flickr: ramnaganat

    Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu.

    10. Breathing deeply, in and out.

    Masrur Ali Ashraf / Via Flickr: maa7

    Midnapore, West Bengal.

    11. Socialising with colleagues over a cup of chai.

    Gaurav Jetley / Via Flickr: gauravjetley

    Pindari Glacier, Uttarakhand.

    12. A break from yourself, if your job is too solitary.

    Krishna / Via Flickr: iamkris_ram

    Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu.

    13. Or a break from others, if you work with too many people.

    cat_collector / Via Flickr: fruitsofkarma

    Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh.

    14. To celebrate the end of your work day.

    solarisgirl / Via Flickr: sanmitrakale

    Karwar, Karnataka.

    15. Or just cuz, well, it's an amazing time of the day.

    Abhijit Kar Gupta / Via Flickr: kgabhi

    Howrah, West Bengal.

    16. And because this fabulous daily experience is free for all and you should take advantage of that. ⛅️

    liquidcrash / Via Flickr: 124320023@N06

    Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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