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    16 Indians Who Couldn't Give A F*ck If Their Life Depended On It

    Their level of care for the world is literally in the negatives.

    1. Sardar ji who is too busy catching up on current affairs to stop and give a fuck.

    2. These boys who give negative fucks about their own frikkin' lives.

    3. Uncle Ji, who does not give a shit about your documentation requirements.

    4. This party animal who couldn't give a rat's ass about your pretentious ~dance training~.

    5. This Indian institute that literally took a shit on the first floor.

    6. These cows awaiting their turn at the beauty salon 'cause it's 2015, screw your human privilege.

    7. This bunch of rebels who don't take "You're too young to be motorcycling" for an answer.

    8. This Indian wife who isn't going to barter favours because you feel entitled, GTFO.

    9. This fucking rude school that needs to be more sensitive towards body image issues.

    10. This kid on his way to school, who clearly never possessed any giveable shits to begin with.

    11. Raj and Deepika, who are too liberal to care for silly social constructs.

    12. These aunties who are motorcycling away from your medieval-ass patriarchy.

    13. This newly-wed groom who has forgotten to give even half a shit about the world.

    14. This well-marketed display of fucklessness.

    15. This ambitious dad who won't let some dumbass infant come between him and his passion for photography.

    16. And Darsheel.