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    29 Sep 2015

    14 Clever Makeup Hacks That'll Make Every Indian Girl's Life Easier

    Work it.

    1. Bought a nude lippie that's too light? Lip liner FTW.

    AnchalMUA / Via

    Buy a brown lip liner the shame shade or a couple of shades darker than your skin. Fill in your pout with it and apply the lippie sparingly. This makes the border between your skin and lips look not so drastic. It WILL work, we promise.

    2. Use a pale gold eyeshadow as a highlighter.

    Arshia's Makeup / Via

    Buy a little pale gold eyeshadow because it looks frikkin' gorgeous on the eyes AND it doubles up as a very flattering highlighter on deeper skin.

    3. Love the bright-eyed '60s look? Use nude eyeliner on your waterline.

    moTheFace / Via

    While lighter skin tones can get away with plain white eyeliner, the result can look a little unnatural on brown skin. Something nudey beige on the waterline will give you the same "woken up" effect without looking too stark.

    4. Fix your under-eye circles with orange or red lipstick.

    Deepica Mutyala / Via

    Ever had your concealer appear greyish on your skin? Try blending red lipstick on your under-eye area before concealer. Just make sure the lipstick isn't too glossy or slippery.

    5. Use apple cider vinegar as a brightening toner.

    Stealing Beauty / Via

    Apple cider vinegar is a WOC favourite because it helps even out hyperpigmented patches to give you a healthier, balanced complexion. Added bonus: It kicks acne's ass and is cheap AF.

    6. For special events, even out hyperpigmentation around the ~stache~ area.

    MissBeautyAdikt / Via

    Slap on some salmony-orange corrector around the mouth before foundation and you're good to go.

    7. Make any lip colour stand out with black eyeliner.

    MrJovitageorge / Via

    Most vampiresque reds and purples lose their depth on brown skin. Use a black pencil eyeliner to deepen these and rock them for winter.

    8. Make dark blush more peachy.

    BodyInZone / Via

    If your blush is a deeper shade than you want to wear, mix it with some loose powder on a face brush and apply it. It should look peachier and more natural.

    9. Make an orangey bronzer more "contour appropriate".

    MrJovitageorge / Via

    It's hard to find a good contour colour for brown skin, so most of us make do with blush or bronzer. But you can add a teeensy bit of grey eyeshadow to your bronzer and make your own personalised contour. A cool/grey-toned contour looks more natural.

    10. If colours don't show up on your lips exactly like they do in the tube, neutralise your lips.

    deepikamakeup / Via

    Lightly dab on something like Benefit's Erase Paste or a different creamy concealer before you put on your lip colour in case you want the exact shade to show up.

    11. For even-toned glowing skin, cleanse and remove makeup with olive oil.


    Olive oil makes for a great, mild cleanser for all skin types, but it helps brown skin retain its glow like no other, while store-bought makeup removers can strip the skin of moisture and glow.

    Bonus: Fantastic for removing kajal.

    12. Use a staining blush.

    Rosselly R / Via

    Since powder and cream blushes can blend away to nothing on deeper skin (or not show up at all), investing in a cheek stain is your best bet because of its buildability and lasting power. You can even use a lip stain on your cheeks.

    13. Make your own perfect BB cream.

    MrJovitageorge / Via

    Since drugstore brands don't carry a very wide range of shades for darker BB creams, make your own by mixing moisturiser, sunscreen, and foundation(s). Play around with the ratio and colours to suit your liking.

    14. And most importantly, feel cute AF and rock your skin.

    Anu Arts / Via

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