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A Beauty Vlogger Tried Stacking 100 Bindis On Her Head And Got Surprisingly Far

No idea how she still managed to get 80 FREAKIN' BINDIS ON.

This is Nabela Noor, super cool Bengali beauty YouTuber who loves to get creative.

Nabela Noor / Via

Inspired by SimplyNailogical's viral "100 layers of nail polish" challenge, Nabela decided to pile on 100 BINDIS.

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She was kind of sure it was gonna fall apart immediately, BUT...

Nabela Noor / Via

Here she is 51 BINDIS IN, looking like a desi unicorn.

Nabela Noor / Via

75 BINDIS IN, her magical bindi tower was still going strong.

Nabela Noor / Via

But by the 80th bindi, it toppled over.

Nabela Noor / Via

Just 20 bindis short of a century. Not bad, Nabela!

Nabela Noor / Via

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