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17 Thoughts Of Binge-Watchers

We all know the feeling of loving a show so much that hours slip away watching one episode after another. Our brain doesn't tune out everything completely--here are 17 thoughts of binge-watchers.

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1. PJs--check! Blanket--check! Popcorn--check! Nothing to do today--check!

It's time for a marathon!

2. I’m so glad I live in the time of binge-watching.

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May it never go away.

3. The show is already in its third season? Looks like I’ll be staying in this weekend.

Fixated to my couch.

4. I have to watch another episode so I can catch up with my friends.

Via Giphy


5. One more episode and then I’ll go to sleep.

Via Giphy

And dream about the show.

6. I swear to myself--just one more.

I lie to myself a lot.

7. How many hours have I been watching this?

Via Giphy

That's too much math.

8. What did I do with my time before this show?

Via Giphy

I don't remember.

9. Leave me alone world, it’s just me and my TV.

Via Giphy

Sometimes spending a night inside is just too tempting.

10. I could recite every line in this show backwards.

Via Giphy

I'm up to the challenge.

11. Netflix is my best friend.

Via Giphy

What would I ever do without you?

12. This character just gets me.

Via Giphy

It's like looking at my twin.

13. Oh man, I have to get up to go to the bathroom again.

Via Giphy

Such a waste of time.

14. What am I doing to myself? I'm now addicted to this show.

Via Giphy

And I couldn't be happier.

15. Nom nom nom nom nom

Via Giphy

I could do this all day.

16. Has my brain turned to mush yet?

Via Giphy

Can't say I'd be surprised.

17. When is the next season coming out? I can’t wait, I need it NOW!

I can't wait a whole year! I guess I'll have to find a new show to binge on.

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