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Why I Chose To Be A Redbird

From academics, to student organizations, to our beautiful campus, everyone has different reasons for choosing to attend ISU, #FutureRedbird! If you're still trying to decide whether ISU is the perfect fit for you, check out why current Redbirds chose to attend ISU!

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Close to home, business program enticed me but Arts & Tech got me 🙌

My father, brother, and 2 of my cousins went here ☺️. It's also close enough but far enough from home.

Naw fr tho, it was close to home while my ppl had health issues & I loved what they were saying at First Look

I'm a communications major. They had a tv and radio station. It was close to home. I had fun at firstlook

Close to home. Strong academics. A wide variety of activities to be a part of. Very good environment.

It was close to home and I loved what I heard about my major

Im a ISU legacy of both parents, also liked that it was close to home, and one of the top public schools in the US 🤗

This place felt like home to me when I came on my first tour.

The campus is beautiful, convenient and not far from home! Also there is always a positive vibe from the people here

You can't spell OUTSTANDING without ISU

I knew the campus well because I always competed here for tumbling competitions & it's also not too far from home w…

When I drove on campus, the vibe was great, all the students were out walking, laughing enjoying life. I just knew…

when i came to visit everybody was suppperrrr friendly !

We hope you enjoyed hearing why current Redbirds chose to attend ISU! Now we'd like to hear from you, #FutureRedbird! Leave a comment below telling us why you chose to apply, or why you plan on applying, to ISU!

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