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What You May Not Know About Illinois State's Student Fitness Center

Hey #FutureRedbird, check out these 8 hidden gems about the Student Fitness Center! Get ahead of the curve by knowing about these awesome facts before arriving on campus!

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1. There are over 15 free fitness classes

If you're a current student at Illinois State, the Student Fitness Center offers free fitness classes that range from low intensity to high intensity. Find the class perfect for you!

2. You can form a custom fitness class

Are you involved in a campus group? Any group on campus can sign up for a custom fitness class tailored to fit the needs of the group.

3. They offer personal training

If you're looking for someone to get you back into shape or just to show you the ropes, the Student Fitness Center has a personal training program for you!

4. There are team building opportunities

You can strengthen your team by signing up for team building through the Adventure Program. There are a variety of options you can choose from to help improve yourself and your group!

5. Rentals, rentals, rentals!

The adventure program offers a wide variety of equipment rentals ranging from cookware to kayaks you can rent it for a small fee!

6. Semester and annual locker rentals

Never want to worry about looking for a locker? For a small fee, you can rent out a locker for the semester or for an entire year!

7. Outdoor rock climbing

It's well known that the Student Fitness Center has the indoor climbing wall, but did you know can take a class to learn how to climb outdoors? You can also register for an overnight rock climbing adventure!

8. Student Employment

The Student Fitness Center is one of the largest student employment departments on campus. There are a ton of different positions so you can find the right job for you!

We hope these tips and tricks about the Student Fitness Center motivate you to try something new when you arrive to campus, #FutureRedbird!

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