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Transfers Of ISU: Sam Kempel

Did you know Illinois State University is the #1 destination for transfer students in the state of Illinois, #FutureRedbird? With 34% of ISU students transferring from other colleges and universities, Illinois State is known for being a transfer-friendly institution. In this edition, we'll talk to transfer student, Sam Kempel, about his experience!

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Meet Sam Kempel

Major: Chemistry

Transferred from: Community College

Involvement: Chemistry Club

Q: What made you decide to transfer to ISU?

A: I decided on ISU because they provided a lot of opportunities for me. ISU has an amazing undergraduate research program that is really helpful in preparing a solid resume and, of course, teaching future chemists how to conduct themselves in the laboratory. The staff were also a key influence.

Q: How is ISU different from your previous college experience?

A: Illinois State is incredibly different from my community college. One of the biggest differences is the research opportunities here. At my community college, I could only participate in research if I was a member of the honors program. However, at ISU, professors are willing and excited to take new students into their research groups.

Q: Did you run into any pleasant surprises when you transferred to ISU?

A: I think the faculty pleasantly surprised me. I had no idea what to expect, but the chemistry professors and the teaching assistants here have been incredibly helpful. For example, just the other day I was able to have an hour conversation about the American Chemical Society with a professor that doesn't have me in any of his classes. He genuinely wanted to help me and that is something that I really respect about the faculty at Illinois State.

Q: Do you have any advice for future transfer students?

A: Start talking to your professors. It can only help you. I was nervous, and I didn't go to my professor's office hours as often as I should have my first semester, but after making a conscious effort this semester, I have found office hours incredibly rewarding.

It's easy to see why so many transfer students make their way to ISU! There are plenty of opportunities to spread your wings, #FutureRedbird!

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