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Top 5 Differences From High School To College

The transition from high school to college can be difficult, but current freshmen and sophomores are here to share with you their experiences and advice. We promise everything is going to be alright #FutureRedbird!

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College students act more responsible and enjoy their classes more!

"I've noticed a lot more people acting mature and taking responsibility because you have to manage your own time. I also feel that college students enjoy school more because they are learning what they choose to learn." -Jordan Hieber, first-year student at Illinois State

Living with someone can be tough

"It was difficult to figure out how to live with someone in a small space that had different habits than me. It took some time, but the more we got to know each other I was able to get a feel for her habits and personality." -Ellie Bognar, second-year student at Illinois State

Homework, homework, homework!

"It was stressful having to remember everything I had to do. I overcame this by getting a really good planner and writing everything down. I also made a checklist, and knowing what was due ahead of time really helped!" -Jacqui Gaviati, second-year student at Illinois State

Time managing is an essential skill

"In high school, you stay in one building all day and walk directly from one class to the next. In college, you have classes at different times. You have to manage your time between classes and make sure you get some food and get your work done." -Jacob Gray, first-year student at Illinois State

The independence is amazing!

"I went from having to check in every few hours and being home by a certain time to being able to do whatever I want. I think that's a really cool aspect of college so far. As long as you use it responsibly and remember to stay on top of your classes." -Edward Selman, first-year student at Illinois State

We hope this advice eases your mind!

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