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The 10 Most Instagram-Worthy Spots On Campus

Do you love taking pictures as much as we do, #FutureRedbird? Our campus has the perfect backdrops for your selfies, candids, group pictures, and more! Check out the top 10 most popular locations here at Illinois State to snap a pic, and be sure to share your own pics with #FutureRedbird!

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1. Constitution Trail

Instagram: @callen1994

Take a walk (or ride!) on the wild side on Constitution Trail, which boasts 24 miles of beautiful scenery, #FutureRedbird! It's a perfect spot for your next nature-themed post!

Pro tip: Bring your bike, blades, skateboard, etc. with you to campus so you can explore the trail for yourself!

2. Uptown Normal Mural

Instagram: @morgbau

This colorful backdrop located in Uptown Circle has bright colors and exciting patterns that gives any picture a little more pizazz, #FutureRedbird. Taking a picture in front of this great work of art is sure to provide you with an Insta-worthy picture!

3. Hancock Stadium

Instagram: @madddols

Football games are the perfect time to snap a sporty pic while you #BackTheBirds, whether that's on the field or cheering in the stands -- and maybe you'll come back in four years!

4. 'To Those Who Fell in Love at ISU' Bench

Instagram: @marycullen7

Love is in the air here at Illinois State, and one of the most couple-friendly spots to take a quick pic is on this unique bench located right next to the Bone Student Center, #FutureRedbird! Who knows, you might meet your love bird at ISU :-)

5. The Bridge

Instagram: @cjzehr

Not only does the bridge connect Milner and Schroeder Plazas, but it is also an ISU icon.

6. Robert G. Bone Hand of Friendship

Instagram: @beefstuuu

The Hand of Friendship statue in honor of former president Robert G. Bone. is a great place to take a picture of you and your first friends at ISU. Maybe you'll even meet them at Preview, a Transfer Day, or Open House! Regardless, make sure to snap a quick pick smiling at this ISU landmark.

7. The Old Main Bell

Instagram: @bjhumps

Old Main was the first building on ISU's campus. By the 1930's, Old Main had to be torn down, but the bell was preserved and still stands on the Quad at the site of the previous Old Main building.

8. Redbird Plaza

Instagram: @maddybramer

Our newest Instagram-worthy destination is Redbird Plaza, home to beautiful swings and this statue of everybody's favorite Redbird!

9. Bird's Eye View at Watterson Towers

No matter what residence hall you call home, make sure you check out the very top of Watterson Towers! Take a picture with this breathtaking view as your background while reading up on fun Illinois State facts.

10. The Quad

Instagram: @peripatetic_y

Of course, our top Insta-worthy location is our spectacular Quad during every season, all year round!

We hope to see you taking Instagram-worthy pictures and selfies around campus, #FutureRedbird. Be sure to follow our Instagram account, @isuadmissions, to see other picture-perfect locations Illinois State has to offer!

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