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Milner Spook: Ange Milner

Halloween is around the corner, #FutureRedbird and it's time to get in the holiday spirit. This year, we have our own ghost story to share. Continue on at your own risk!

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All about Ange

Ange Milner was one of the first librarians on ISU's campus. She dedicated her life to her books and helping students. After her death in 1928, it is said that she came back to haunt the books she so dearly cared for.

Sightings of the ghost

Several students recall a sense of not being alone while inside of the building. This picture was taken on the third floor where many students say they have seen Ange from time to time.

Ange lives on

In honor of Ange Milner, when Williams Hall was first constructed it was dedicated as the campus library and named after Ange Milner. Today, Milner library has a new location, which is located across from the Bone Student Center. However, Williams Hall is still home to some of Ange's old books.

We hope you had a spook-tacular time reading our ghost story, #FutureRedbird. Thanks for tuning in, and we can't wait for you to check out Williams Hall next year!

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