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ISU Safety

Here at Illinois State University, we want our students to feel safe at all times. To ensure students safety on and off campus, ISU has a number of services in place. To learn more about these resources keep reading, #FutureRedbird!

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Redbird Safe Walk

Redbird Safe Walk is a service that caters to students that live on campus and in the surrounding area. If a student is out late at night and would like a partner to walk with, Safe Walk volunteers are there to help!

Even though Safe Walk receives a majority of their requests at night, this service is available 24/7. If a student feels uncomfortable walking alone for ANY reason they can call (309) 438-WALK and an escort will be by their side in no time.

Emergency Posts

On ISU's campus there are various emergency posts placed conveniently for students. In the event of emergency, students can use these posts to contact 9-1-1 at the click of a button. Each post has a blue light located on top, which helps it stand out at all times of day.

Bird Watch

The Bird Watch is a safety program that was established on ISU's campus to teach students how to react during emergency situations. It helps students learn how to identify and report crime that they witness.

After attending the hour-long crime prevention training session, students will know how to identify and address safety in their classrooms, work place, residence halls, along with other areas in the community.

Bird Watch also has an app for mobile phones that is available through iTunes and Google Play. With this app, you can reach campus care teams, receive emergency alerts, make a crime report, etc.

If you are not able to download the app, but still need to report a crime you can contact University Police, Normal Police Department, or Bloomington Police Department.

Night Operations

To ensure student safety at ISU, students must check into the dorms at night. Starting at midnight, Night Op workers greet students at the entrance of their residence halls. They check their keys and ID's to make sure only students are entering the building. If a student has a guest, they can be checked in at the front desk for up to 24 hours. However, you and your guest must stay together at all times.

We hope you enjoyed learning about how we work to protect the redbird student body. Thank you for reading, #FutureRedbird, and see you next year!

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