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Bone Student Center Revitalization

The Bone Student Center is the center of the student community here at Illinois State University. For 45 years the Bone has had the same look, however over the next few years it will be changing drastically. Here's a sneak peak at some of the changes that will be coming!

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The Vision

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The Bone is known as the "living room" of ISU. However, due to its dark and enclosed design it no longer feels welcoming. Currently there are projects underway to improve upon that. The goal is to give the Bone Student Center a more open concept and natural lighting. This new design will draw people in and bring a new refreshing look to the student center current Redbirds love so much!

Current Projects

* Milner Plaza is currently under construction. The Bone's second floor main entrance is now closed. There are alternate entrances located on both the east and west sides of the building.

* A storage room occupied by Barnes and Noble is being remodeled.

* A plaza located on the first floor of the Bone is currently under construction as well.

Projects to Come

* During winter break the Prairie Rooms located on the second floor will be closed from December 11, 2017 till January 10, 2018. This will allow for work on the ventilation system located on the east side of the building.

* Starting June 18, 2018 the Brown Ballroom will not be available to students or staff. This project is expected to take 6-9 months.

How to stay updated

During the duration of the revitalization it is important to stay informed on what is going on!

To follow the progress add us on Facebook!

Facebook: Bone Student Center

For general inquiries please contact Bill Legett (Director of Event Management, Dining and Hospitality)


Phone: (309) 438-8351

We hope you enjoyed hearing about the changes coming to the Bone Student Center! See you next year Future Redbird.

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