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6 Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Roommate

Are you trying to find a roommate for the next semester but don't know how to get the conversation started? Here are some questions to ask your potential roommate to ensure you start college on the right foot.

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What’s your sleep schedule like?

Getting to know each other’s sleep schedules is extremely important. Some people wake up at the crack of dawn and some people sleep until the sun sets. Early birds and night owls often do not make the best of roommates.

How do you feel about guests?

Having guests over is inevitable, but discussing out how frequently you want these visitors in the room is essential to roommate compatibility. An introvert can have a hard time living with an extrovert, and vice versa.

Where do you fall on the neatness spectrum?

Are you a neat freak or do occasionally let your laundry pile up on “the chair” for weeks? These two type of personalities usually get on each other’s nerves when sharing living space. Identifying where you each fall on the neatness spectrum will allow you to be more aware of your own habits, and you might think twice about leaving your dirty socks on their side of the room.

What stuff can be communal?

There is nothing worse than someone eating the leftovers you were thinking about all day, or going in the shower only to realize the last of the shampoo is gone. Tell your potential roommate what you are willing to share and what you absolutely don’t want them to use. Be courteous and always ask for permission before you use something that doesn’t belong to you.

How would we split up the chores?

Come up with a cleaning schedule! You might think this is too much, but trust us. It will save you lots of frustration. You don’t want to end up resenting your roommates for picking up their slack. Talk about this early on so that you are all on the same page!

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