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By The Last Time Chris Played With Us...

This post is to express how much we love (not) and miss our mate Chris.

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1. Brangelina was still a happily married couple.

2. So was Fatnner.

3. The 2016 Olympic Games were doomed to fail miserably.

Mark J. Terrill / AP

4. Multiple medalist Ryan Lochte had a handful of sponsors...

5. ...and the Brazilian Football team had ZERO gold medals.

6. Santos was still a title contender.

7. And Gabigol was deemed a better player than Gabriel Jesus.

8. David Cameron address was still 10 Downing Street.

9. The UK was part of the UE.

10. Arruda had never been nutmegged.

11. Jon wasn't known as Toro Loco.

Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters

12. Rozério and Felipe were defenders.

13. Alex wasn't a dictator yet.

14. Portugal greatest achievements were the Great Navigations.

15. (Oscar-wise) Leo was a 41-year-old virgin.

16. There were only three Star Wars movies.

17. The Beatles were still a quintet.

18. David Bowie was alive...

19. ...and Jon Snow was dead.

20. Palmeiras was leading Brasileir√£o. Oh wait. Palmeiras is still in 1st place.

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