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    5 Tell-Tale Symptoms Of A Soon-To-Be College Grad

    We've all heard of senioritis before, but jeez, can a girl get a break...?

    We've all heard of senioritis before. The overwhelmingly frequent bouts of laziness that consume seniors as graduation nears. However, what we all experienced during senior year of high school doesn't nearly compare to the paralyzing counterproductivity that makes the countdown towards graduating seem like it's been hijacked by the snail patrol.

    Here are 5 signs that you're ready to graduate:

    You're No Longer An Eager Spring Chicken

    This means that the morning person you once were has long since died. Where you gladly used to sign up for 8am classes and join 10,000 student orgs to fill all your free time, you now question the value of your degree every time your alarm goes off--even if it's as late as noon. Sleep has become a holy grail item, and any activity that potentially interferes with it becomes the enemy.

    Social Media Is Your Life

    So obviously we use social media pretty regularly as college students anyways, but for some reason when it's time to graduate, every single task has to be punctuated by a quick (or not so quick) peep on social media...usually meaning that nothing is accomplished that night. It also means that you tweet regularly how much you hate school and the assignments that you're not doing. Oh yeah, and your life.

    "There's Always Tomorrow"

    By senior year, most of us have earned a double major in procrastination and bull$*%t. When we have a mountain load of assignments, term papers, group projects, and job applications, our common line to fall back on is, "there's always tomorrow", which directly precedes either a nap or a wild night of partying.

    Getting An "A" Is No Longer Necessary

    I think this one explains itself. We don't need to pass with flying colors, we just need to pass.

    We Have Absolutely No Idea About Anything

    You know graduation is around the corner when everyone asks you the same daunting question, "so what are your plans after graduation?" That's the thing...we don't know. So please refrain from asking such a question that for most of us, brings nothing but anxiety spells that actually takes away from productivity at times. For our entire lives, school was all we knew. Finishing college was the end goal. And now that we're about to finish, we're kind of experiencing a quarter-life crisis.

    So, hopefully after reading this all seniors can commiserate. The silver lining in all of this is that no matter how sad, tired, scared, and frustrated we may feel, we weren't the first class of graduating seniors, and we won't be the last.