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For Those Who Think It's Their Right To Grant And Revoke Other People's American Citizenship

In light of many sociopolitical issues, especially following NFL QB Colin Kaepernick's stance on racial inequality, many people have begun calling him and those that hold similar beliefs "un-American". This article challenges if those people truly know what it means to be an American themselves.

ilonziefonzie • 2 years ago

Here's To Hoping My Biggest Fear Doesn't Come True

As a young, college educated, black millennial, I laced up my bootstraps and attended a Trump rally in Greenville, NC. This is a recount of some of the conversations I had with his supporters, as well as some personal commentary thrown in for good humor.

ilonziefonzie • 2 years ago

5 Tell-Tale Symptoms Of A Soon-To-Be College Grad

We've all heard of senioritis before, but jeez, can a girl get a break...?

ilonziefonzie • 3 years ago