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    5 Vegan Fashion Brands You'll Love, That Are Also Ethically Made

    Cruelty free for both animals and humans, with these vegan fashion brands you can style guilt-free

    1. Lee Coren

    Left: Aya Wind, Right: Sophie Kirk / Via

    Handbags, backpacks and accessories inspired by modern exploration, handmade locally and ethically from vegan materials.

    2. Noumenon

    Holly Horne / Via Instagram: @noumenon_amsterdam

    Inspired by the Noumenal world of the philosopher Kant, Dena’s vision is to create cruelty-free fashion which is ethically produced yet sophisticated.

    3. Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

    Good Guys / Via

    Parisian, light, waterproof, durable and comfortable

    4. Vaute Couture

    Vaute / Via

    Shockingly warm coats, beautiful gowns, comfiest sweaters, and sweet swimsuits

    5. Votch

    Votch / Via

    Every 3 months, Votch donates a percentage of the profits from each watch to our charity of the season

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