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These Lesbian TikTok Trends Have Me Losing My Mind, So I Rounded Them Up To See Which One Is Your Favorite

Women do it better, that's a fact.

Let’s get down to business: Lesbian TikTok is a literal gem.

Lesbians and TikTok are a great combination. To all of you making content and posting it out there: Excellent job! And today, we’re talking about something very specific: The trends that somehow everyone has made, each better than the other. There are countless trends that have literally blew up, and they are an absolute delight. Let’s take a look at some of them that have dominated my For You page, and then I want to know what your favorites are.

1. The “Welcome to Lesbian TikTok” trend.

What a better way to start with the entire niche presenting itself. Whatever you want to see, we have it here.

2. The “I don’t have a type but…” trend.

It happens to everyone. Sometimes, you say that you don’t have a type, but there’s always something you have a soft spot for. So, it turns out you do, in fact, have a type.

3. The “Hey mamas” trend.

OK, this can actually be considered a sub-niche since they are known as "Hey mamas lesbians," but let’s not focus on the details right now. We need to protect butch lesbians at all costs, since they are doing it better than straight TikTok is.

4. The “We are just friends” trend.

Don’t worry, we’re just friends. And then they weren’t…

5. The “This is what a real lesbian relationship looks like” trend.

While we could also use this to wipe off the stereotypes from people’s minds, it’s actually really fun because every single one of them is so relatable. If you know, you know.

6. The “Lesbians holding their coffee” trend.

It’s like that thing about how we cannot sit properly. Apparently, we do hold our cups of coffee differently from straight girls, and these TikToks prove it.

7. The “Do you prefer masc or fem?” trend.


The opportunity presented itself for a fun transition but don’t ever change yourself to fit someone else’s needs. 🖤#lesbiantiktok #wlwtiktok

♬ gm to all light stans - yagamista
I know, this should go in the thirst traps category (continue on reading to get to that), but this one is just too good for its own good. The confidence, the versatility, the style… just *chef’s kiss*

8. The “Steal a kiss against a wall” trend.

I don’t know what this trend is actually called, and that’s the closest description I could get, but come on, it’s just so cute. I need someone to do this to me.

9. The “Thirst traps” trend.

Do I even need to say anything? I think this just speaks for itself. Just one little thing that I think we can agree on: Women do it better.

And that’s it. These are my favorite lesbian TikTok trends; now I’m curious to know yours. Some of these, or maybe even others that I didn’t put here? Let us know in the comments below!