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Here's Hillary Clinton In A 1978 Bill Clinton Campaign Ad

"Sometimes people ask me what it's like being married to Bill..."

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When Bill Clinton first ran for Governor of Arkansas in 1978, his campaign ran a 5-minute infomercial -- obtained by BuzzFeed News from the archives at the University of Arkansas -- that includes some early footage of Hillary Clinton (who still went by Hillary Rodham at the time).

In one short sequence, Bill and Hillary discuss their marriage in voice-over narration, as the camera captures them in a happy domestic scene: Bill works intently at his desk, while Hillary sits on a nearby couch, making notes on a document and laughing.

The footage also includes a biographical segment, a sequence in which Bill interviews his 9th grade English teacher, and a series of testimonials from everyday Arkansans.

Here's the clip of Hillary in the ad: / Via University of Arkansas Special Collections

"As much as I care about my work, my relationship with my wife, Hillary, means even more to me," says Bill.

Hillary then adds: "Sometimes people ask me what it's like being married to Bill. He works so hard, and keeps such long hours, and becomes involved in so many other people's lives and problems. I always tell them it's great. We really cherish the time we do have together, and appreciate the fact that each of us works hard."

Other highlights of the infomercial include:

"Bill, I remember you in Jr. High school as a lovable, bright youngster that was very enthusiastic. And you went into my 9th grade English class, I was delighted. Because you were and inspiration to those pupils — and you were an inspiration to me."

"What impressed me most was his knowledge of the Arkansas criminal code, and his ability to teach the class. We had several Little Rock officers there, and every one of them did't have anything but high praises for him."

"The coal mines was just a lot rougher than anyone's ever in there could imagine […] Lots of times, the dust was awful bad. A lot of us developed black lung, couldn't get much help. Bill Clinton come along and represented a lot of us. A lot of us he got it enforced, a lot of us he didn't — some of us he didn't, at least — but he really took an interest in us. I think the people of western Arkansas, the coal miners, owe him a debt of gratitude."

"We tomato farmers ran into legal problems last year, with our labor. We contacted other politicians, and they wouldn't give us any help. When we contacted Bill Clinton, he came through for us 100%"

Here's the whole infomercial: / Via University of Arkansas Special Collections

Don't forget to check out one of the oldest known videos of Hillary being interviewed, filmed just after Bill took office in 1979.

Ilan Ben-Meir is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.

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