Zayn Malik Got A Tattoo Of Gigi Hadid's Eyes And People Have Feelings

    "Love this man more than I could ever put into words."

    Last Friday Zayn Malik turned 25 and Gigi Hadid posted on Instagram to wish him a happy birthday. She wrote: "Love this man more than I could ever put into words, & am inspired by his drive to be and do better everyday."

    Then Gigi shared a Boomerang on Instagram of Zayn doing a little dance with the caption "birthday boogie".

    Fans quickly noticed that he had a new tattoo on his chest.

    And that it looks a lot like Gigi's eyes.

    Fans recalled the time that Zayn got a tattoo of his ex Perrie Edwards.

    Which he has since covered up.

    for those are you asking what i mean, zayn got a tattoo of perrie when they were together and covered it up after t…

    Some fans are concerned.

    But seem to understand it.

    Zayn always gets tattoos of people he loves. And like for Perrie, even if things didn't work out, she was still a p…

    And love it.