This Woman Shot Her Shot At Michael B. Jordan With An Edited Photo And It Kinda Worked

    She spoke things into existence.

    This is Bolu Babalola, a 27-year-old writer from London.

    After two vacation besties were reunited through Twitter, Babalola tweeted a photoshopped photo of herself with Michael B. Jordan and said they met this summer but lost contact.

    I met this guy on holiday this summer-we had a such a great connection but I changed my number and we lost touch. Twitter do your thing😭🙏🏿❤

    Babalola told BuzzFeed News that her friend photoshopped the picture a while ago whilst roasting her about her crush on Michael B. Jordan.

    She said: “Obviously I have a crush on Michael B. Jordan. Everybody who likes men has a crush on Michael B. Jordan, but in my group chat it is known that I *very much* have a crush on Michael B. Jordan.

    “When I saw the viral tweet about the girl who lost touch with an old friend, a few days ago I literally, in a split second thought it would be funny to spoof it with that picture.”

    People were really supportive.

    I really hope you find him sis ❤

    And decided to help Babalola out.

    @BeeBabs Lissen! Think I snapped a pic of him in a museum once... Might have been with a girl but could be wrong. Will keep you posted! DM me!

    @BeeBabs I'm actually a local Wakandan and he's the kings cousin... all hell broke loose when he came to visit us last time... so be careful girl because he wants to take control of everything... @michaelb4jordan ... he's calmed down and is pretty focused on boxing right now

    Some people didn’t understand the reference and accused her of fakery.

    It's upsetting me and my homegirls that people think this is photoshop. Please have some respect and stop being so cynical. Respect romance and stop trying to interrupt the course of true love. 🙏🏿 what's understood don't need to be explained❤. 📸 @FUERTESKNIGHT

    The tweet went viral very quickly. Babalola said she didn't anything of it at first. “I was like, wait... Could I really use this to manifest my dreams? And the rest is rom-com history and a tale I will tell my grandchildren.”

    The increasingly indignant, red circled zoomed in pics "proving" that it is photoshop will not kill me I refuse. In fact they give me life. I will only get stronger

    Luckily, Jordan was in London for a Q&A for the film Creed II, and Babalola was going.

    I am going to the Creed II Q&A tomorrow

    She decided to grab the mic and let Jordan know. She said, “You ever watched Notting Hill? When Hugh Grant interrupts Julia Roberts’ character’s press conference? Exactly like that. So romantic. So magical.”

    When @BeeBabs took the mic, I was like "yesss go on honey, take a chaaance"! Creed 2.5: A Twitter Romance, co-starring @michaelb4jordan #Creed2 💕

    She said she was nervous and couldn’t concentrate during the entire time watching the film, but luckily she’d seen it already last week.

    Babalola said: “But I was like, yo, if Creed can survive his battles, then I can do this. I had the backing of my lovely Twitter fam and I couldn’t let them down.”

    She said: “I ended up asking him a question about tenderness and romance in the movie, then basically saying, ‘Speaking of romance, um, you’ve gone viral recently. I am that girl — remember last summer?’ and he smiled and it was cute and great.”

    Jordan then responded to her and told her not to apologise. He then said, “So now we gotta get a real picture.”

    She said: “Tessa made a joke about me stealing her man, but it wasn't really a joke, was it? I did. I am kidding. Everyone was kind and gracious and wonderful.”

    Babalola said her family was excited for her. She said, “They lost their shit. Can I say that? They lost their shit. They are still losing their shit.”

    And people online were likewise excited for Babalola.

    The feel-good story of the year. 😭

    And are inspired to speak some things into existence for themselves.

    I gotta photoshop myself into a picture with Rihanna immediately!

    And everything went to the next level last night, when Jordan acknowledged the tweet and said he was glad Twitter did its thing.

    Happy Twitter did it’s thing 🙌🏾🌹🙏🏾😂 Great meeting you (for the second time 🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂😂)