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    This Woman Says She Was Suspended From Twitter After Her Tweet Criticising Taylor Swift Went Viral

    "No offence but is taylor swift ever gonna grow out of her 'i wrote your name in my burn book' phase she's a grown ass woman."

    A woman has complained that she was suspended from Twitter after tweeting criticism of Taylor Swift.

    Twitter / jeonjamal

    The Twitter user, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she was locked out of her account after her tweet went viral.


    "I had Taylor fans in my mentions for days, and I'm assuming they're the ones who reported me because that's the only tweet of mine that got 'negative' backlash, even though most people agreed with me," she told BuzzFeed News.

    She said that she has criticised celebrities in the past, but that this tweet had gotten more attention than the others.

    She said she doubts she was suspended for any other reason: “I can’t think of any reason why honestly."

    From a separate Twitter account, she was able to see that the tweet was still getting likes, despite the account it was sent from being suspended.

    i think the funniest part about this whole thing is that this demonic tweet is still somehow getting likes on my su…

    Even after the suspension, the woman said that she is still getting abuse from Swift fans.

    let's see if twitter will suspend this account as quickly as they suspended me for breathing

    "I've sent appeals to Twitter several times but all I got was these automated emails," the woman told BuzzFeed News.

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    She tweeted the head of Twitter's trust and safety but got no response.

    @delbius i'm sorry you probably get tons of these every day but i've been permanently suspended & mass reported ove…

    People were surprised by the suspension.

    so @TwitterSupport are rlly out here suspending someone because they told taylor swift to grow up but let nazis roa…

    lol @TwitterSupport give @themoodforluv her acc back she was unfairly mass reported by fans over smth inoffensive, wdym 'targeted abuse'

    And some Swift fans even defended her.

    @rainofbIessing @delbius Maybe try this? I disagree with your opinion, but no one should e…

    @rainofbIessing @delbius i disagree with you too but damn that is so stupid that they suspended you! go0d luck

    A spokesperson for Twitter told BuzzFeed News that they don't comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons.

    But BuzzFeed News understand that Twitter accounts are not suspended on basis of how many times they are reported.

    According to Twitter's rules a user can have their account suspended if they engage or incite in the targeted abuse or harassment of others.

    Their rules state that they take the following into consideration:

    * If a primary purpose of the reported account is to harass or send abusive messages to others.

    * If the reported behaviour is one-sided or includes threats.

    * If the reported account is inciting others to harass another account.

    * If the reported account is sending harassing messages to an account from multiple accounts.