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    A Teen Was Crying In Her High School Toilet But It Was Disrupted By Someone Violently Pooping

    "It's so brave to admit to your mental health struggles... and also so brave to take a violent shit in a public restroom. Everything about this is BRAVE!"

    So you may have seen this tweet on your timeline. It's the side by side of two very specific situations, which, when combined, create one hell of a story.

    In a high school bathroom stall somewhere, 18-year-old Fabbiha Afrin was the teenager having an emotional moment which was quickly disrupted by someone nearby who, by the sounds of it, was experiencing their own moment....[PRESS PLAY]

    so I was having a mental breakdown in my schools bathroom but someone decided to take a vioLENT shit in the next stall. pls enjoy

    Fabbiha told BuzzFeed News: "I went to the bathroom to calm myself down and next thing I know someone’s pooping very violently next to me. There’s nothing wrong with that but I just thought the timing was hilarious so I decided to record."

    Her video capturing the awkward moment has been viewed nearly 2.3 million times, and fulfilled the student's bucket list dream of going viral.

    "It’s crazy! I didn’t think I would get this many responses since I didn’t have too many followers. But I’m glad the video is making people laugh. I’ve always wanted to go viral so I can cross this off my bucket list," said Fabbiha, who temporarily deactivated her account following the overwhelming response.

    The high school student has since returned to Twitter and responded to people who criticised her for the video.

    She said: "I wanted to tell people that I started recording after I heard the noises and I wasn’t just randomly recording myself crying. Also I wanted to tell people to donate to the best buddies charity."

    Most people find the whole thing hilarious.

    @FabbihaAfrin LMFAOOOOOOOOO oh my GOD are you ok and also the way your eyes went back has me deaddddd

    @FabbihaAfrin @rue_beee Sounds like that person was having a shittier day than you

    Shit happens.

    this is twitter in a nutshell

    @FabbihaAfrin @_maritzuh Cant even break down in peace, neither one of you.

    Surprisingly, there are people who have also experienced a similar situation. 🤔

    The amount of times this has happened to me jsjsk but at least their farting drowns out the sobbing


    This look right here.

    Some people thought she was brave.

    @FabbihaAfrin it's so brave to admit to your mental health struggles... and also so brave to take a violent shit in a public restroom. everything about this is BRAVE!

    But there were also people who were just as concerned for Fabbiha's wellbeing.

    @FabbihaAfrin @Naina_zk98 Besides the war that’s happening next to your stall .. are you fine. That’s the main question.

    She said: "I’m doing much better now. Most of the responses to the video were really nice so that made me really happy."

    And if you're wondering about who the other person in the bathroom stall is, one person it definitely isn't is @Visitkingdoms who happened to connect a past tweet of hers with the viral video.

    guys there’s a girl sobbing in the bathroom stall next to me and i have to take a record breaking shit i feel bad i’m going to ruin her teen movie coming of age turning point moment with the hellish sounds of this giant shit

    She told BuzzFeed News: "I woke up one morning and her tweet popped up on my timeline after having gone viral and when I watched the video I couldn’t stop laughing because I remembered my tweet about being on the other side of that situation."

    Her side by side of the two tweets has generated another 48,000 retweets but she emphasized: "I’m definitely not the person pooping in the video, which a lot of people have assumed."