This Student Accidentally Sent Her Tutor A Photo Of Suga And Now She's Into BTS

    "An intellectual."

    Nadia Qureshi, a 19-year-old law student from the UK, was texting her tutor about an essay that was due.

    Twitter @nadmylove / Via Twitter: @nadmylove

    But instead of sending a screenshot of the questions, she accidentally sent a photo of BTS member Suga.

    Twitter @nadmylove / Via Twitter: @nadmylove

    Qureshi said: "I literally had a semi-heart attack. I do this all the time. I just shouldn’t trust myself with a phone at this point in."

    Amy Richards, Qureshi's 23-year-old tutor, told BuzzFeed News they've known each other since September 2018 and she helps her with her assignments.

    Richards took it in her stride and, in fact, said that she now likes BTS and has been enjoying their music. She said her favourite songs are "Fake Love" and "Idol".

    Twitter @nadmylove / Via Twitter: @nadmylove

    She said: "After I was sent "Outro Tear", I searched it on Youtube and watched a performance from one of their concerts. I was blown away, you can tell they put a lot of effort into their concerts and honestly it was amazing."

    Richards said that she can't believe she hadn't heard of BTS before.

    Twitter @nadmylove / Via Twitter: @nadmylove

    Qureshi ended up tweeting the conversation and it ended up going viral.


    Richards had no idea Qureshi tweeted the texts and found out when BuzzFeed News reached out Qureshi for an interview.

    Qureshi said: "Honestly I was just laughing at the responses so at first I didn’t realise it was going viral but I love that everyone said that it was a great way to promote before their comeback."

    People called Qureshi a hero for spreading the word about BTS.

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    Richards said she saw some of the replies, mostly the ones of her calling her an intellectual, and said they're hilarious.

    She said: "I didn't know so many people would be passionate about me finding out about BTS but I love it and their fans seem amazing and welcoming as well.

    "I'm still surprised that this became a trending topic but after seeing how popular BTS is, I get it."

    And it just happens to be Suga's birthday today. Happy birthday Suga! 🎉

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