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This Muslim Blogger Created An Inclusive Hijab Line For All Skin Tones

Habiba Da Silva said: "I wanted to break the barrier of having too many companies who just used lighter skin models."

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Habiba Da Silva, a 22-year-old designer from Birmingham, has created a hijab fashion line called Skin that aims to be inclusive of all races.


She told BuzzFeed News that she brought her passion for various cultures into her work. / Via

Da Silva, who is of mixed Lebanese and Brazilian heritage, said: "I've always been interested in cultures, since I come from two different cultures myself. It's always been something that I've always been passionate about."

"I wanted to do something where everybody was [included] and I wanted to showcase different people together. I wanted to break the barrier of having too many companies who just used lighter-skin models."

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Da Silva said she wanted to break the norm of companies catering to Muslim women but only using light-skin models.

She said she has mainly received an overwhelming amount of support, but did receive some backlash because of people finding the headscarves expensive: They cost £20.

Habiba Da silva's campaign for skin is really dope.

However, Da Silva told BuzzFeed News: "I have put so much [investment] and effort into ... this. I literally can't go anywhere else with the price."

I like Habiba Da'Silva, but no way am I spending £20 on a hijab which isn't even all that

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