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    This Long-Distance Couple Cooked Pancakes Together On FaceTime And People Are Loving Them

    "This is the wholesome content I'm here for."

    Meet 18-year-old Jace Lee and his 21-year-old girlfriend, Alishia Rougier.


    Lee told BuzzFeed News that they met in Trinidad and Tobago and started dating last December, but now Lee lives in Guam.


    Lee said Rougier suggested having pancakes and he said he would have them too.

    Lee said although it was simple, it was the best thing ever.

    Twitter: @jaceeeee

    Lee said, "I was trying to find food to eat and so was she, so we’re like, let’s make pancakes."

    "We didn’t properly talk for the day, so I’m thinking "lemme be cute" and we ended up cooking our pancakes and having a breakfast/dinner date."

    Lee said, "Guam has a 14-hour time difference from Trinidad, so even though I was having breakfast, she was having dinner."

    Twitter: @jaceeeee

    Lee said because of the time difference, his sleeping schedule was trash and so was hers. He said: "So we just spoke whenever we were up. It really isn’t easy being in a LDR."

    He said it's not something they do all the time, but it's definitely something they do when they're in the mood to cook.

    Twitter: @jaceeeee

    He said, "This one time I ordered pizza from Guam to her house in Leeds and my debit card got froze because the locations weren’t lining up."

    Lee tweeted about it and said he thought, "Wow, what is happening" when it started to go viral.

    When y’all live 25+ hours away from each other but still wanna have breakfast together 😂❤️🥞

    He said, "My app was freezing. My friends, 'you are blowing up.'

    "Then I’m telling her what’s going on and she’s freaking out because she couldn’t believe it."

    People really love it.

    And find them super cute.

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