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    When Survivors Of The Grenfell Tower Fire Broke Their Fasts Last Night, People Joined In Solidarity

    People from all walks of life broke their fasts on Latimer Road.

    Following the fire in Grenfell Tower, people came together to help those who have lost everything. Community centres have been overwhelmed by donations.

    As it's the month of Ramadan, some of the survivors were fasting.

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    And when it was time for people to break their fasts, known as iftar, the rest of the community turned out to break it with them.

    Amazing scenes today. ppl coming from all over UK donating food and clothes then ppl of all faiths join together fo…

    Sali Mudawi, 25, from Maida Vale, told BuzzFeed News she went to Latimer Road to help out.

    Beautiful sight in west London right now.

    Sali Mudawi

    Mudawi, who was also fasting, said she initially planned to donate items but was told most community centres were no longer accepting donations, although they did need physical help.

    She said: "Before I could even get to any centre I noticed a lot of people were in need of help on the street. Only a short distance from Grenfell Tower there were people sorting out clothes/toiletries etc on one side and food and drink on the opposite side of the street."

    Mudawi said the atmosphere was amazing.

    Sali Mudawi

    "The atmosphere was amazing because it felt as if everyone was out to help. I feel like the adhaan [call to prayer] also helped calm the atmosphere," she said.

    She said the family and friends of the victims were being very well looked after by the community.

    "Blankets, chairs, food, and other things were given to them whilst they sat and waited for news from their loved ones," Mudawi said.

    People called the gesture heartwarming.

    And said they are proud of their community.