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People Love This Teen's Clapback After Being Told Not To Wear Her BLM T-Shirt At Thanksgiving

"Becca with the good shade."

Meet Rebecca Malstrom, a 19-year-old student from Baltimore, Maryland.


Malstrom told BuzzFeed News she wanted to wear this Black Lives Matter T-shirt, but was told she couldn't due to her family's "no politics at Thanksgiving" rule.

Twitter: @rebamals

Malstrom said she told her mum a few days before Thanksgiving that she would wear one of her BLM shirts.

"I think she was under the impression that I was kidding. I love my extended family to Pluto and back, but a lot of us don't see eye-to-eye on politics. So, being my petty self, I became the one to figuratively 'stir the pot' on Thanksgiving."

Malstorm said right before she went downstairs she was reminded of the rule and "pettily" changed out of one BLM T-shirt into another.

Twitter: @rebamals

She said this led to one of her sisters giving her a high-five, while the other face-palmed.

"There's a stern 'no politics rule', but I don't think it's really such a radical or controversial statement to say that "a certain group of people don't deserve to die because their skin is inherently seen as a crime."

Malstrom added that the dinner was civil as everyone respected the "no political talk" rule.

Malstrom said moments after she tweeted these photos, people began offering her invites to Thanksgiving dinners, cookouts, BBQs and more.

When you're told to change ur shirt before Thanksgiving Dinner so you happily oblige :-)

She said she hadn't taken anyone up on the offer yet but will keep them in mind.

She said she was entertained by the replies.

She said: "It was nice to see so many positive comments and feel accepted by a community."

Twitter: @iamprincesstrin

"Since my tweet went viral, I've been made truly aware of the sad truth that people would much rather listen to me speak about racism than to a person who actually faces it on a daily occurrence," she said.

Malstrom said that "black lives matter" shouldn't be considered a radical statement or create uproar when a white person supports the movement.

Twitter: @trueson23

She said she would use her white privilege to speak for those who are silenced, without speaking over them.

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