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This Fashion Show In Saudi Arabia Used Drones Instead Of Models

"idk if they're living 3018 or 1018."

This video of a fashion show with clothes flying around on a drone has gone super viral.

I’m dying at this fashion show in Saudi😂😂 they weren’t allowed female models

According to CNN, the event took place at the Jeddah Hilton in Saudi Arabia.

من عروضنا بالامس ب #هيلتون لاحد ماركات العبايات الراقية والمزيد من العروض كل ليلة @vogueaholic_# #fashion #show #jeddah #hilton https://t.co/26zJkEYVzD

Though Dolce & Gabbana has previously used drones in its fashion shows, a spokesperson for the brand told BuzzFeed News the label was not behind this event.

One of the brands showcasing at the event told Insider the drone concept was part of the show's technology theme and was not done, as some people said, because women are not allowed to model in Saudi Arabia.

عرضنا لليلة الثانية من الفاشيون شو #جدة #هيلتون مع اجمل الماركات #عاش_سلمان #محمد_بن_سلمان عاشت #السعودية

تشكيلة اخرى من المعروضات من داخل معرض الفاشيون شو #هيلتون_جدة قدم فريقنا ٩ عروض لليوم الخامس والاخيرة شكرا لأعضاء فريقنا المبدعين https://t.co/W5XZSsZGi7

It wasn't just clothes the drones flew down the runway, but accessories, too.

إستخدامات طائرات الدرونز متعددة ويمكن تطويرها لتخدم المجتمع في عدة مجالات واليوم نرى شباب سعوديين يقومو بعرض الازاياء بطريقة غير عادية في فعالية Fashion House بفندق #هيلتون_جدة https://t.co/KvIUugZAJm

People found it hilarious.

And said it reminded them of something... 🤔

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