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    People Are Loving This Interaction Between A Teen And Her Dad After She Sent Him A Selfie

    "Look at my baby girl."

    This is 19-year-old Antonyesha McDuffie from Miami. She's an aspiring makeup artist.

    McDuffie sent her dad this picture.

    And he hyped her up in the best way.

    McDuffie tweeted a screenshot of their conversation and it went viral.

    lmao I send my dad my looks before anybody.😂😂😍 ion need nobody to gas me but him😭

    McDuffie told BuzzFeed News she and her dad have a strong connection.

    She said her dad supports her dreams of becoming a MUA and always replies to the pictures of her looks with encouraging messages.

    People really loved their interaction.


    And called him a national treasure for using a GIF.

    She told her dad they had gone viral, and he texted her saying "What up twitter".