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This Black Muslim Just Became A Lord Mayor And People Are Loving This Photo Of Him

"Like a boss."

Meet 28-year-old Magid Magid, who has just become Sheffield's youngest lord mayor.

The Green Party councillor was born in Somalia and raised in Sheffield. He came to the city aged 5 after spending six months in a refugee camp in Ethiopia.

Magid told BuzzFeed News that when he found out he was going to be lord mayor his initial reaction was "WTF?" but he was touched and said that everyone was excited.

Holy shit, this is surreal! With love, courage and opportunity literally anything is possible! #Alhamdulillah

"Firstly, it was Alhamdulillah [all praise is due to God alone] and then I was thinking, Wow, this is a bit mad. Even now, it feels a bit surreal," he said.

People have been sharing this photo of Magid squatting.

That squat has since gone viral.

Already a big fan of the new lord mayor of Sheffield based on his inaugural portrait alone.

I think I might be a little bit in love with the new Lord Mayor Sheffield @MagicMagid (professionally speaking of course). This is his inaugural portrait. I mean just look at it! The clothes. The pose. The Doc Martens. Just, wow. So impactful. https://t.co/bIFMXj8zPQ

People really like him.

Sheffield's new Mayor feels like the reveal of a new Doctor. First he makes Mr T look like a wuss, and then goes all Batman posing in the town hall. Good luck @MagicMagid Not sure how much "power" the Mayor has in Sheffield, but maybe a Green Mayor can sort out the tree kerfuffle https://t.co/mvPI3Afuop

However, while the picture continues to pick up shares online, Magid said his mum didn't get it and was confused as to why he posed like that.

The portrait of the new Lord Mayor of Sheffield may be the coolest of all time. @MagicMagid

In a statement to mark him taking up the role, he said: "Me and my family came to Sheffield from Somalia to look for a better life and this city has truly welcomed me and many others with open arms.

"This is one way of giving back to this incredible city. It really is an honour and privilege to hold this role and I will most definitely be bringing a different approach to it with the hope of engaging with all the hard to reach communities as well as celebrating/championing all that is great about Sheffield."

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