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The Iconic Studio Ghibli Films Brought To Life By Michiyo Yasuda

Yasuda, who died this week aged 77, helped created some of your favourite animated films.

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Last week, one of Studio Ghibli's original animators, Michiyo Yasuda, passed away, aged 77.


Studio Ghibli / Toho

Ponyo is about a fish that becomes human against her father's wishes, and ends up making friends with a young boy who becomes separated from his family during a storm. They both join each other in an adventure to keep Ponyo on land as a human and they go on a quest to reunite with the boy's family.


The Wind Rises

Walt Disney Studios / Toho

The Wind Rises is actually based on the life of Jiro Horikoshi who created the "Zero" fighter plane which was used during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The film tells the story of the war through his eyes and has a very emotional love story running throughout.

My Neighbour Totoro

Studio Ghibli / Toho

My Neighbour Totoro is probably one of the most well-known works by Yasuda. It's a feel good film about two sisters finding a monster, becoming best friends with it, and going on the wildest adventures together. You might recognise Totoro from a brief Toy Story 3 cameo.

Pom Poko

Studio Ghibli / Toho

Pom Poko is not your ordinary film. It's about the most hilarious raccoons that shape shift into humans but for a good cause. The film has a serious element, which is that the raccoons are trying to save their forest from being destroyed by land developers.

Kiki's Delivery Service

Studio Ghibli / Toei Company

This tells the story of Kiki, a young girl who is trying to get by in society while being a witch. Against her mother's wishes she moves across town to make a living delivering bread while flying on a broom.


Castle in the Sky

Studio Ghibli / Toei Company

Castle in the Sky is about two orphans who are trying to get to a castle that floats in the sky while being chased by pirates and the government because the girl has a rare powerful crystal.

Tales from Earthsea

Studio Ghibli / Toho

This is based on the Earthsea book series by Ursula K LeGuin, which tells the story of an area going through troubles with a storm and poor harvest. This only gets worse with dragons that are constantly destroying the area. A wizard and a prince make it their mission to solve the problems in their land.

Porco Rosso

Studio Ghibli / Toho

This film tells the struggles of a famous Italian pilot who tries to bounce back from his face being turned into a that of a pig's. Porco becomes the only pilot brave enough to battle the enemy's planes.

Spirited Away

Studio Ghibli / Toho

Spirited Away won the animated feature Oscar in 2003. It tells the story of a young girl whose parents are turned into pigs, whereupon she gets help from the mysterious spirit "No Face".

Princess Mononoke

Studio Ghibli / Tokuma Shoten/ Nippon Television / Dentsu / Toho

Princess Mononoke is about a girl who was raised by wolves and called for help by a warrior who has been poisoned. It becomes her duty to save the humans from destruction.