Chris Pratt Pretended To Mess Up A Magic Trick And Left Jennifer Lawrence Dumbfounded

    Real magic.

    Last night, Chris Pratt appeared on BBC1's Graham Norton Show with his Passengers co-star Jennifer Lawrence.

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    Norton handed Pratt a set of cards and asked him to do some magic.

    Pratt agreed but said the trick had only a 50% success rate. became his volunteer and Pratt asked him to pick a card.

    Pratt asked to place the card on the deck he took it from, and to shuffle the deck so that Pratt couldn't find the card.

    Pratt then mixed the middle deck with the rest of the cards.

    And asked to shuffle it four more times.

    Pratt then said he had four chances to find the card and he appeared to be struggling.

    He didn't get it right the first time...

    Or the second time...

    ... Or the third time.

    At this point he asked to just tell him what card it was (apparently an "A of hearts").

    For his fourth attempt he looked pretty sure he got the card.

    But he was wrong again.

    Pratt started pulling cards out two at a time.

    In a plot twist, Pratt said the trick was not over, and needed a "magic fist bump".

    And there we have it.

    Real magic✨.