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People Are Loving Suzy's Reaction To Being Gifted A Hijab By A Muslim Fan

"The cutest fan interaction ever".

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Yuliani went to Suzy's fan signing in Seoul on Sunday and has gone viral after fansites captured Yuliani giving the K-pop star a hijab.

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Yuliani said people have been congratulating her.

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Talking about why she gave Suzy a headscarf, she said, "I love to wear it and I wanted to give something I love to her."

Suzy is honestly so sweet!! A Muslim fan brought her a scarf as a present & suzy asked to put it on and was so resp…

She said the event was super crowded and full of fanboys and fangirls. She said it was proof that both men and women love Suzy.


But mostly, they fell in love with Suzy.

@aoafreak When I thought I can't love suzy more than I already does, she went ahead and did this ... 💓💔


@aoafreak I love her so much. She is so kind and humble and so nice TT