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These Teens Bought Matching Jeans For Their Principal And It's So Pure

"Can 2017 continue to be this wholesome."

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Laron Franklin, 15, and Jaisjuan Brown, 16, are high school students from Racine, Wisconsin, who bought their principal, Jeff Miller, 40, a very special pair of jeans.

Jeff Miller / Via Twitter: @wphsprincipal

Miller told BuzzFeed News that on Thursday morning when he saw the students were wearing the same jeans, he gently teased them because they were matching. The students asked him for his size and by lunchtime, thanks to the help of three other teachers, he was given his very own pair.

"I just laughed because I knew what was in the bag," Miller said. "I had to play along, so we went downstairs to where my office is. They waited for me and I got changed. Because it was their lunch, we walked around and had some fun with it."

He added: "People who know me best know I am always willing to do stuff like this to bring a smile to people's faces. It really also needs to be pointed out that three teachers had a huge role in getting these pants."

Miller said he never expected pictures of him wearing the jeans to go viral.

Our principal told these two boys that their jeans was nice so they went back to the mall and got him a pair too...

"I was blown away to be honest. I tweet out a lot of stuff, and get minimal interest. So to think that this has had an impact on the social media world is pretty cool," Miller said.

He added: "I have worn dresses, had my head colored on, taken pies in the face, so I really did not think that this would be any different."


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