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A "Bored" Sports Broadcaster Filmed His Dogs Racing To Eat Their Food And His Commentary Is The Best Thing

"Tasting absolutely nothing."

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So, a lot of major sports events have been postponed because of the coronavirus, leaving sports journalists with a lot of spare time on their hands.

Euro 2020 ❌ Copa America ❌ Tokyo Olympics ❌ Another summer tournament is postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic

Andrew Cotter, who works for BBC Sport covering major events, took his boredom and created a video in which he commentated on his two Labradors, Olive and Mabel, racing to finish their food.

@MrAndrewCotter / Via Twitter: @MrAndrewCotter

The video has all the elements of the big game contests Cotter is better known for: suspense, tactics, and sportsmanship.

In the end, the winner was 7-year-old Olive!

@MrAndrewCotter / Via Twitter: @MrAndrewCotter

People are obsessed with it.

@MrAndrewCotter Tremendous. I've watched it four times now.

The video has gone viral with over 500,000 views in less than two hours since it was tweeted.

Great stuff from one of the very best commentators we have.

A winner by a distance. Fabulous. "relentless... tasting nothing". 🙌🦴

@MrAndrewCotter "tasting absolutely nothing" 🤣 this is a masterpiece

People want more.

@MrAndrewCotter Worryingly, I must be equally as bored, as I am already looking forward to tomorrow’s rematch.

And somebody else even shared a video of their dogs eating in response.

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