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    People Are Weirded Out After A 2-Year-Old Said She Saw Something Spooky

    "Maya is a real one. She took a Scooby-Doo gulp before stating her findings."

    Meet Ryan Dalton, 37, and his wife Raniece, 33, from Alabama.

    This is their 2-year-old daughter Maya, dressed up as Frida Kahlo for her birthday.

    Dalton told BuzzFeed News that he and Maya were up early for breakfast and he decided to film her being silly while she was having bread with peanut butter. Toward the end of the video Maya points somewhere and says, "That's spooky."

    Maya was just being silly, eating some peanut butter bread, and she suddenly pointed and said, “That’s spooky.” 😳 Time to move.

    Dalton said, "It was still very early and the sun wasn’t up, so the sitting room (that she was pointing at) was very dark."

    Dalton said they don't really use the word "spooky" but her cousins use it to describe things that have scared them.

    This is where Maya was pointing. Dalton thinks she was pointing at the "closed, dark window blinds".

    The video clip has gone mega viral and Dalton said it's been interesting to read people's responses as some people believe in the unseen whereas other people are finding the humour in it.

    Dalton said he definitely believes there is more than the physical world that we see around us. He said, "I myself was quite sensitive to the unseen for most of my childhood — not in any kind of overt Sixth Sense kind of way, but I could just often feel things and was sensitive to the supernatural. "