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    People Are Loving This Boy's Reaction Every Time His Sister Picks Him Up

    "One of the purest things I've ever watched."

    Meet 21-year-old student Jessica Evans and her 15-year-old brother David Evans from Georgia.

    Evans told BuzzFeed News that she and David have always been close.

    Evans created this compilation video of her surprising her brother coming home from school and it's now at over 170,000 retweets.

    for anyone who is having a bad day: here is a video of my little brother's reaction every time i come home and surp…

    "It was strange to see my video go viral because I wasn't expecting it at all," she told BuzzFeed News.

    She said the first video was the one where David throws his book bag at her in surprise because he didn't know she was picking him up.

    Evans said: "It was one of the very first times that he had absolutely no idea that I was coming home.

    "I was there to get him off the bus and hid behind my mom so he couldn't see me."

    Evans said that she started filming her brother a year and a half ago.

    She said she showed David the video and he loved it. He said "hey, that's me!".

    People are completely heart-warmed by the video.

    Evans said the responses to the video have been amazing.

    @thejessevans I could watch this a million times! Sweetest thing ever 💕

    "People have been so happy to see the relationship that I have with David and how genuinely happy we always are to see each other."

    "So many people have reached out to me telling me their stories of working or being related to children with disabilities," she added.

    @thejessevans Just lovely! Hello to both of you from my brother and I! 😄

    @thejessevans And this is why I'm studying to become a special education teacher...look how happy💗 I picked the best profession

    @thejessevans Aren't little brothers the best??

    People have also called the video pure.

    Evans said she thinks "it is very important to treat children and people with disabilities just as you would treat other people."