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Yung Lean's Clothing Line Calls Out Urban Outfitters For Plagiarism

Urban Outfitters has removed the product from its website and apologised.

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The clothing chain Urban Outfitters has apologised after the rapper Yung Lean's fashion label, Sad Boys Entertainment, posted a screenshot of one of its jackets being sold on the Urban Outfitters website.

"Yoshi City" was the title of a popular Yung Lean song that came out in 2014.

Yung Gud, who is part of Sad Boys, tweeted "fuck @UrbanOutfitters and everyone who bought this ugly ass jacket smh".

fuck @UrbanOutfitters and everyone who bought this ugly ass jacket smh

In a statement, Urban Outfitters told BuzzFeed News: "We were made aware that a jacket belonging to Sad Boys was being sold on our website and immediately pulled the product."

The retailer went on: "We sincerely apologize that the jacket was mistaken for a vintage item and was posted to our site as part of our Urban Renewal Vintage and Remade program, which offers vintage products for our customers. We take intellectual property very seriously, both in protecting what has been developed by our own artists and designers and also respecting the intellectual property of others.

"To clarify, we were under the impression that this was a vintage product. When we were informed that it wasn’t, we immediately pulled the jacket."

In a statement to Thump, the Sad Boys said that they didn't blame their fans for buying the bootlegged gear.

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They said: "We don't want to blame the fans buying the bootlegged gear, but rather inform them on where to buy the official gear in order to get the true experience on what we try to express in terms of music, art and clothing (and also directly support the artist that they like)."

Fans appear to have purchased the jacket and tagged Yung Lean or the "sadboygear" Instagram page.

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Sad Boys Entertainment told BuzzFeed News that Urban Outfitters used the design to create its own jackets and said the label had not authorised any use of its artwork or intellectual property.

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