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6 Tweets Fasting Muslims Can Relate To

Ramadan is here and the struggle is real

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1. Panic drinking water when you have little time left

Going to the bathroom every 0.1 seconds before sunrise... #RamadanStruggles

Farrahisababeok / Via Twitter: @Farrahisababeok

overdoing it

2. Not just with water but food too

When you underestimate how long it'll take to prepare suhoor and have 6 minutes to eat before fajr #RamadanProblems

aishasuhaiba / Via Twitter: @aishasuhaiba

and then having to spit it out when you hear the adhan

3. and STILL starving after all that

When the ahdaan for fajr goes off and you realise you're still hungry #ramadanstruggles

ifrxh / Via Twitter: @ifrxh

All you can do now is count down the hours until sunset and dream about what could've been

4. Trying not to break your wudu so you don't have to redo

To fart or not to fart, that is the question #RamadanStruggles

paddystani / Via Twitter: @paddystanii


#RamadanStruggles - when it's late in the day and you grab your toothpaste instead of your deodorant & start rubbing it under your arms...

6. When it's finally time to eat you want to grab it all but you know you can't do it

When you're 5-paratha hungry but only got 3-paratha capacity #RamadanProblems

Shoshweeetx / Via Twitter: @Shoshweeetx

Eating iftar leaves you with that 'I ate too much at a buffet but it was worth it' feeling

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